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The Olympia Collective Brand Identity

We love our brand and are happy to introduce it to you!

After conducting brand discovery, we learned that The Olympia Collective's staple descriptors according to colleagues and clients are:

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Based on characteristics like “vibrant”, “brilliant”, “dynamic” and “fun”, the inspiration for the logo comes from
Josef Albers’ color theory exercises on color luminosity

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We created a logo with an “O” monogram in vibrant, sunny colors in a pattern that creates visual luminosity. The color palette also includes a sky blue that when fastened to the warm colors, subtly denotes the sun in the sky.

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Our brand photography style is colorful, graphic, minimal and conceptual. We want viewers to feel The Olympia Collective's intellect and happiness through the images.

Meet Our Brand Identity Creator

Dawn Camner is an independent Creative Director and graphic design strategy consultant specializing in identity, marketing, editorial, and premium presentation design.

Her mission is to produce the most distinctive, unique, and strategized work possible for her clients. If you're adventurous, understand the power of good design, and want to level-up your content or branding, say hello to her here.

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