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Your Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

Why should we choose The Olympia Collective? 🤷🏽‍♀️

Based on our experience, you may choose us for one or more of the following reasons:

  • We are highly recommended by a mutual contact and we have strong client testimonials and references

  • You have a need for deep expertise in one or more of our three specialty areas: Revenue Generation, Board & Staff Support, and Data & Insights

  • You need the strategies and results that we successfully create and implement that are driven by an understanding of your data and circumstances

  • You want a measurable, written, and regularly tracked scope of work that shows both of us what is expected in order to get results

  • You need trusted, responsive, and dependable moral support and thought partnership from Olympia and her team

  • You and your organization are strongly aligned with our seven core values: Fun, Teamwork, Trust, Health, Growth, Generosity, and Connection

Why should we hire a consultant instead of hiring an in-house employee? 🏠

There are several reasons you may decide to hire The Olympia Collective instead of an in-house employee:

  • You are not yet generating enough revenue yet to even hire a part-time employee to do the work

  • The number of hours you need per week is too low to necessitate a part-time employee position

  • The level of experience you need to get the results you want are higher than any position parameters you have in house

  • You like the lower risk to you and your organization of hiring and managing a consultant versus an employee

  • You like the lower cost of a consultant when compared to an employee with benefits

  • You feel an urgency for results and like the speed at which we can begin work and make an impact compared to an employee

  • You experience extra peace of mind knowing you can terminate your contract with us anytime with only 30 days notice

What functions are included when we partner with The Olympia Collective? 📝

A relationship with The Olympia Collective brings the resources of an entire team to you in one firm.  These functions include major and principal gifts fundraising, revenue planning, dashboards, recruiting, interim staffing, board support, campaign strategy and implementation, annual giving, stewardship, prospect research, database management, grant writing and reporting, and fundraising training, to name a few.  The costs are all included in the contract we negotiate with you up front.

Do we work with Olympia or does she hand off the work to others on her team? 🤝🏼

Olympia is the main contact for each of our clients and completes the majority of the client work.  Depending on each specific client scope, we bring in additional subcontractors as needed to best meet the requirements of the scope.  These team members are recruited, managed, and trained by Olympia and their costs are included in our contract. 

How will I know that The Olympia Collective is worth the money? 💰

We will both know if we are making the impact that you need.  That is why we insist on up front, carefully written scopes of work that are measurable and clear, and why we track them so closely and stay in communication with you to be sure we are meeting your needs.  The last thing we want is to not perform or meet expectations.

Are we able to 
easily terminate our contract with The Olympia Collective? 🛑

Either of us can terminate our contracts with 30 days written notice at any time for any reason.

How does The Olympia Collective 
compute its fees? 🧮

Our fees always depend on the scope of work which dictates the amount of time and talent that is required to produce results. 

We have two typical ways we compute our fees for you: on a project basis or on a sustained basis.  Project fees are computed once the full scope is agreed upon using our comprehensive hourly rate applied to the full project scope.  Our more common fee structure is an agreed upon monthly fee for ongoing work toward a measurable scope with monthly, quarterly, and/or annual goals and targets.  These sustained monthly fees are calculated by applying the hourly rate of each team member needed for the project over the length of the project.

Regardless of either fee structure, you will experience extra peace of mind knowing you can terminate your contract with us anytime with 30 days notice.