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The Olympia Collective Toolbelt

We are now creating downloadable tools for use by our clients and nonprofits everywhere that can help them operate better. 🔧🔨🔩


Tool #1:

Donation Receipt Checklist

Our Fundraising Tool #1 is none other than our Donation Receipt Checklist. You may wonder why such a mundane item tops our list. Never forget that a receipt is the first thing triggered by a donation. It is also an easy way for the nonprofit to show its professionalism and savvy by ensuring that it is IRS compliant and donor-friendly. Next time you give a donation, check out the receipt you receive and see if it makes you feel any differently about the organization!

Published 9/15/21

Tool #2:

Contact Report

A contact report is a written record of each meaningful interaction between your organization and a potential or current donor. It is essential for effective donor management. A good contact report contains the important details from each meaningful conversation.Contact reports are extremely useful for crafting your long term strategy with each donor/prospect. They are also one of the only ways an organization ensures that details of relationships are captured and documented in its files and/or database in perpetuity. They are a must-have to counteract the inevitable and famously high staff turnover in the fundraising field.

Published 10/19/21

Contact Report.jpg