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Tool #1:

Donation Receipt Checklist

Our Fundraising Tool #1 is none other than our Donation Receipt Checklist. You may wonder why such a mundane item tops our list. Never forget that a receipt is the first thing triggered by a donation. It is also an easy way for the nonprofit to show its professionalism and savvy by ensuring that it is IRS compliant and donor-friendly. Next time you give a donation, check out the receipt you receive and see if it makes you feel any differently about the organization!

Published 9/15/21

Tool #2:

Contact Report

A contact report is a written record of each meaningful interaction between your organization and a potential or current donor. It is essential for effective donor management. A good contact report contains the important details from each meaningful conversation. Contact reports are extremely useful for crafting your long term strategy with each donor/prospect. They are also one of the only ways an organization ensures that details of relationships are captured and documented in its files and/or database in perpetuity. They are a must-have to counteract the inevitable and famously high staff turnover in the fundraising field.

Published 10/19/21

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Tool #3:

Top donor data checklist

This is our fundraising tool to complement our blog post entitled "Knock Their Socks Off: Three Things You Should Know About Your Biggest Donors." We’ve isolated OUR TOP THREE favorite data points to collect about your biggest donors that will really knock their socks off! This information can be used again and again to make your donors feel special.

(SPOILER ALERT: These work like MAGIC with friends, family, and clients too! As do all donor-centered strategies!)

Published 12/15/21

Tool #4:

Board Member Self-Assessment

Our Fundraising Tool #4 is our Board Member Self-Assessment.  This is a fundraising tool to complement our blog post entitled "What Are Your Board's New Year’s Resolutions?"

Published 3/6/22

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